The Most Ridiculous News Headlines That Actually Made It To Print

This is why editors are there to prevent this from happening.

1. Obviously…..

2. This Does Not Look Like It Will End Well.

3. I Think This Is Seven Years Off….

4. Not Surprised…

5. Clarity Is of Utmost Importance.

6. Maybe They Were Intimidated?

8. Honestly, I would enjoy being ‘mistress of the universe.’ It means I could wear the highest heels and the fiercest dress.

9. A town proves it’s so boring that this ends up as a news story.

10. This Is Just Sad…

12. To tell the truth, I’m a little relieved.

13. To be fair, anything involving Anthony Weiner’s name is going to be pretty ridiculous.

14. Ummm. No Thank you!

15. Glad to know she’s so supportive.

16. I sure hope so!

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