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    • edisk

      People you are all arguing, but the fact is people are constantly getting killed. From my stance, the USA and UN, etc are just looking at all this. Who are you ? A bunch of ignorant pussies ? But this is typical for the big Nations and the UN. Let 2 sides fight each other, after a big and enormous number of casualties they come as the big friend offering help ? Well, fuck you all. This is the reason why the world and the mankind will destroy itself. And don`t come with that bullshit that one single Religion states for terrorism or something else. No matter if you are Christian, Muslim or Jew, no ” holly ” book teaches and mention such things. The thing is Palestinian people are being bombed and attacked from people who are supported by the West. The Palestinians are throwing stones at the tanks of the Israelis. This people are threatening and terrorists ? You don`t check the fact, it is a ethnic cleanse. Al you Israelis forgot about the 2nd World War ? Hitler was a sick brain, a mean and a bad human. But, maybe he saw something wrong in you, and in your religion ? Don`t take me wrong, i saw more than enough people who are Jewish that are strictly against that what happens now. But that ugly bitch, that told all Palestinian mothers should be killed, because they bring little devils to the world, is this degenerative bitch serious ? And this people cheering about destroying civilian buildings and killing civilians ? You people are expecting to be respected ? You are all rich in Israel, you have the money, you can pay heavy artillery and all the deadliest weapons. The Palestinians have the Hamas, and that is the only thing they have. I don`t justify them, for nothing. And i am sorry for the 3 young lost life`s a few days ago, but you Israelis killed thousands of children during years. If you ask me, you people are sick. You are all using excuses just to take the situation to kill more and more Palestinians in order to steal and wipe out their land.

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