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Top 10 Reasons University Of Edinburgh Teachers Are Awesome

Last year over 2,500 University of Edinburgh students nominated their teaching heroes in the UK's longest running Teaching Awards. With nominations open now for this year's awards, here’s a reminder of some of the reasons you nominated last year…

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1. Best Student Who Tutors – School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

"Even when I show up with absolutely no understanding of the tutorial work we've been assigned her teaching somehow makes it all make sense!"

6. Best Support Staff - School of Health in Social Science

“She handles all that we throw at her with such cheer and enthusiasm that it would be terrible to not recognise all that she does on a daily basis in a great way such as this.”

8. Best Student Who Tutors - School of Law

“He was an exciting tutor as we had full on discussions rather than just answering the questions, he would allow us to go deeper and analyse every aspect of the subject.”

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