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    These 7 Great White Sharks Breaching Will Blow Your Mind

    Sharks leaping out of the water isn't a sight for the faint-hearted... or one that seals want to see.


    Breaching is the result of a fast approach to the surface of the water with the momentum throwing the great white shark sometimes completely out of the water.


    South African Chris Fallows was the first person to snap sharks breaching on camera over 20 years ago. The randomness and speed of these events make them incredibly hard to capture.


    Great white sharks use breaching in order to hunt seals - their favourite prey.


    During their ascent to the surface, great white sharks can reach speeds of up to 40kmph (25mph) launching themselves up to 3m (10 feet) out of the water!


    Seals tend to swim close to the surface while the great white sharks lurk in the depths below, waiting patiently for the silhouette of an unsuspecting seal to zoom past.


    Research shows that great white sharks catch their prey in just under half of all attacks. The seals have no chance.


    During a research trip off Seal Island in Mossel Bay, a research boat had a 3m long shark launch itself out of the water and onto the deck.

    I think that might put me off ever going ON the water, never mind back in.

    Great white sharks are incredible creatures.


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