Unripe & Ready!

Gather green tomatoes when the weather turns cool! Their firm texture and astringent flavor stand up well to pickling, grilling and frying.

1. Green Tomato Chutney

Pack unlikely to ripen green tomatoes into a relish that you can use for months to come.

2. Green Tomato Soup

Sultry Black Forest ham laces its flavor throughout this bright soup, which is finished with an enriching dollop of sour cream.

3. Fried Green Tomato & Pancetta Panini

Stack tart, juicy fried green tomatoes into a pressed sandwich along with fatty pancetta and some melty provolone for good measure.

4. Grilled Green Tomatoes with Creamy Basil Sauce

Enjoy the flavors of fried green tomatoes in a lighter way by grilling them! Top with a tangy mayo-based sauce for that “just soaked in buttermilk” bite!.

5. Tagliata with Green Tomatoes, Oregano & Mustard

Tagliata refers to the way the steak is sliced prior to serving. Saucy, sour green tomatoes help to cut the richness for a well rounded bite!

6. Green Tomato & Raspberry Cobbler

Let green tomatoes make a surprise appearance at dessert in this brown sugar & buttermilk crusted cobbler.

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