Make Peter Piper Proud!

Get 200% of your vitamin C from 1 cup of peppers! Whatever their color, it should be vivid. They should feel firm and heavy for their size.

1. Pickled Peppers with Shallots & Thyme

Keep a pot of pickled peppers around for garnishing sandwiches and salads anytime you need a bright, sweet punch.

2. Marinated Peppers

Spread crostini thick with chevre, then top with tangy, soft peppers for a cocktail party nibble.

3. Roasted Red Peppers with Tonnato Sauce

Serve a loaf of crusty bread alongside this amplified tuna salad, draped with sweet peppers.

4. Stuffed Yellow Peppers with Israeli Couscous & Pesto

Baked on a bed of tomato sauce, you’re going to love the ease of putting this dish together; but you’ll love the wafting aroma even more!

5. Pork Chops with Peppers, Vinegar & Black Olives

Cut through the richness of pork chops with sweet peppers & salty olives, shot through with a splash of vinegar.

6. Sweet Pepper Upside-Down Cake

Top a sweet corn cake with caramelized red peppers for a surprisingly sweet ending to your summer dinner.

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