Aw, (Corn) Shucks!

Aw, shucks! Shuck corn just before you cook it! Until then, keep it refrigerated in a plastic bag in its husk, which protects its flavor and freshness.

1. Corn-Husk Wrapped Grilled Halibut with Charred Corn Salsa

Go nose to tail & use both corn & its husks on the grill! Husk-wrapped halibut with charred corn salsa from Chow.

2. Sweet Corn Cocktail

Blend up sweet corn, lime juice and demerara syrup with run and mole bitters for a sweet corn cocktail!

3. Chilled Corn and Cucumber Soup

A summer soup with a little heat thanks to jalapeno pepper.

4. Herb Salad Recipe

Herbs and summer vegetables such as green beans and corn are combined with a yogurt based dressing for a hearty, seasonal salad.

5. Ember-Roasted Corn on the Cob

Tonight’s side includes roasted corn on the cob. Keep the husks on to protect the corn, and soak the ears before they hit the embers so the kernels don’t dry out.

6. Corn Ice Cream

Corn makes a sweet, nutty flavored ice cream. Top with blueberry and blackberry compote for a seasonal treat!

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