A Currant Affair

Pick jewel-like currants that are glossy and firm. Black are the tartest and must be cooked, while red or white currants can be eaten fresh.

1. Red Currant Mousse

Fold tart currant custard into whipped cream for a delicate and airy mousse—the perfect make-ahead summer dessert!

2. Vanilla Panna Cotta with Red Currant & Raspberry Coulis

This recipe makes six servings. We suggest only inviting over 4 other friends so that you have an extra for after-party nibbling.

3. Chestnut, Quinoa Crêpes with Red Currants And Ricotta Cream

Fold ripe red currants into lightly nutty, gluten-free crepes for a delicate summer dessert!

4. Yogurt Cake with Currant-Raspberry Sauce

The other kids might’ve called us strange, but we would have loved this tart, tender cake with sweet berry sauce for a Birthday in our youth. We’re pretty sure they would’ve loved it too.

5. Summer Pudding

Compress your favorite summer fruit overnight inside a shell of spongy sandwich bread, then serve with a dollop of yogurt for an easy breakfast, or whipped cream for a lush dessert.

6. Rumtopf (Macerated Fruit Conserve)

Add a glug of this macerated fruit conserve, featuring red currants, blackberries and sour cherries to the bottom of a champagne flute, then fill with bubbly for a festive summer brunch cocktail. (Though it’s equally good spooned over pound cake, mixed into ice cream or dolloped with yogurt)

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