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That's So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana 2

What are the Disney Channel stars up to now?

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In the first That's So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana...

Raven is organizing a fashion shoot for Donna Cabonna at the Tipton. She loses her models and recruits Zack and Cody to be her models. Raven has a vision that Cody will be attacked and this makes Cody nervous. At Carey's (Zack and Cody's mom) birthday party, Cody lands in a cake, which is Hannah's favorite flavor, vanilla. Hannah then checks in and sees London wearing a "Raven Baxter Original" and wants Raven to make one for her too. Miley/Hannah befriends Maddie and she realizes that Hannah's dad is Robbie Ray and Maddie is a huge fan. Miley starts to think that her dad gave up his career for hers and then they go back home where Robby Ray is asked to go on tour with Toby Keith and denies it to stay with his kids. THE END.

If the crap that is now Disney Channel were to make a sequel it might play out a little differently. It might go a little something like this…

Miley and Zack would have met over Tinder when Zack send Miley nudes and Miley took her private jet to the Tipton for a booty call.

Miley would get in a fight with London and Maddie who don’t understand why she has bright pink armpit hair. From here, Miley would see that it was Pride Week in Boston and she would join in on the fun.

Miley would run into the now lesbian Raven who is joined by the Boyz in Motion who are actually all gay.

Back at the Tipton, Raven has a vision of Cody graduating from college.

The twins would graduate from NYU where they would meet up with Raven for lunch after she was done co-hosting The View. Zack would excuse himself to check his snaps to see if Miley replied to his most recent attempt at dating the pop star.

They will buy the Tipton off Mr. Mosby after they make millions twerking online.

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