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12 Things All Single People Experience During The Holidays

This time of year is always especially hard on single people.

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1. Going to dreadful holiday parties.

Warner Bros.

2. Because it seems like you're the only single person.

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3. Everybody asks if you're seeing someone.

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4. And after the 7th or 8th time, sarcasm becomes your savior.


5. Sobriety is a swear word until January 1st.


6. Bridget Jones seems less crazy, which scares you a little.

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7. All your friends announce they're getting engaged or having babies.


8. You have to pretend you're not bummed, or else you're look like the downer.

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9. Mistletoe is a cruel joke, 'cause the only other single person around is, well, someone you're not interested in.

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10. You feel super accomplished after making it through Christmas!

11. You brush it off, and life goes back to normal.

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12. Then New Years comes around...

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