Cristin Curry
I'm a publicist by day and a procrastinator by life. My day to day habits include crappy and glorious television, cackling laughter, making fun of anything and everything, and napping.
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  • You Can Shave the Baby

    Kids need to learn real skills in life, so why not teach them how to shave at the age of 5? Children of America, help this cavebaby regain the smooth bottom he’s been dreaming of!

  • Oedipus and the Chronic

    The story of Oedipus never sounded so entertaining before. This teacher should have given her student an A for excellent use of life threatening violence, and the most creatively random metaphors ever.

  • I Want My MTV—Music??

    MTV has long forgotten their heritage but they have taken a first step into giving us back what we long cried for in the 80’s by adding music videos and clips from interviews, specials, and events from their ancient archives to the MTV Music website. It’s a small step but one that I embrace whole heartedly.

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