28 Insanely Delicious Chili Recipes To Try This Winter

A perfect companion on a chilly winter night :)

1. Heart Healthy Turkey Chili

The Chunky Chef / Via thechunkychef.com

It’s tastes like heaven…Recipe Here

2. Black Eyed Pea Chili

Easy Cooking with Molly / Via easycookingwithmolly.com

A delicious, vegan and glutenfree yummm…..Recipe here

3. Buffalo Chicken Chili

Home and Plate / Via homeandplate.com

It tastes soooo good ………Recipe here

4. Oven Roasted Chilli with Hidden Vegetables

The Cook’s Pyjama / Via thecookspyjamas.com

This one is a saviour with picky eater …… Recipe here

5. Crock Pot Paleo Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili

Cotter Crunch / Via cottercrunch.com

Healthy but hearty, and has a kick of spice…..Recipe here

6. Easy Ground Beef Chili

Tea and Biscuit / Via teabiscuit.org

Made some extra batch as this freezes well …….Recipe here

7. Slow Cooked Chili with Chickpeas Lentils Squash

Leelalicious / Via leelalicious.com

With all the goodness and dollop of sour cream…..Recipe here

8. Black Bean Quinoa Chili

Eat Healthy Eat Happy / Via eathealthyeathappy.com

Rich, hearty, nicely spiced and _super_ filling…………Recipe here

9. Texas-Style Chilli

Vikalinka / Via vikalinka.com

Cozy Up n Nosh on this……Recipe here

10. Sweet Potato Chili

Joy in Every Season / Via joyineveryseason.com

For the Sweet Potato Lovers…..Recipe here

11. Indian Style Chicken-Peas Chili

Easy Cooking with Molly / Via easycookingwithmolly.com

A great chicken chili option with peas ….. Recipe here

12. Quick and Easy Pumpkin Chili

Krumpli / Via krumpli.co.uk

This spicy chili may delight even the most committed of carnivores ……. Recipe here

13. Pork Chili Verde

Jo Cooks / Via jocooks.com

Tender, comforting and delicious……Recipe here

14. Moroccan Influenced Chili with Chickpeas and Minted Couscous

The Spiced Life / Via thespicedlife.com

The flavors of Morocco make for an excellent twist on traditional chili………Recipe here

15. Easy Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Chili

Healthy Nibbles and Bits / Via healthynibblesandbits.com

Tje perfect pairing of Chipotle with Chicken in a chili………. Recipe here

16. One Pan Vegan Quinoa Chili

The Crumby Cupcake / Via thecrumbycupcake.com

Easy peasy, One-pan recipe…………Recipe here

17. Creamy White Leftover Turkey Chil

The View from Great Island / Via theviewfromgreatisland.com

Just the thing you need for leftovers………. Recipe here

18. Perfect Chili

Pack Momma / Via packmomma.com

The perfect chili recipe ……….. Recipe here

19. Roasted Poblano Chorizo Chili

Pinch and Swirl / Via pinchandswirl.com

Anytime Nom ……… Recipe here

20. Slow Cooker Mole Chicken, Hominy and Pumpkin Chili

Food Done Light / Via fooddonelight.com

It’s a delicious combination …… Recipe here

21. Buffalo Chicken Chili

The Cozy Cook / Via thecozycook.com

Have you tried these yet ………… Recipe here

22. Chile Verde with Physalis and Padron Peppers

Vikalinka / Via vikalinka.com

Flavorful chili …… Recipe here

23. Vegetarian Thai Chili

Some The Wiser / Via somethewiser.danoah.com

An exotic twist to the regular chili ….. Recipe here

24. Smoked Beef Brisket Chili!

Vindulge / Via vindulge.com

A delicious use for leftover smoked brisket…… Recipe here

25. Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Dishing Delish / Via dishingdelish.com

Easiest, most delicious slow cooker turkey chili ……… Recipe here

26. Spicy Turkey Habanero Crock Pot Chili

Dad with Pan / Via dadwithapan.com

Crank up the heat with some habanero in your chili …….. Recipe here

27. White Chicken Chili

Like Mother Like Daughter / Via lmld.org

Light and nice ……. Recipe here

28. Easy Slow Cooker Chili Beans

Savory Spicerack / Via savoryspicerack.com

This is the easiest dump and go chili … Recipe here

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