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  • The 9 Most Awkward Moments While Having Sex

    When it comes right down to it, no one is immune to awkward moments while having sex, regardless of whether you’re into sugar daddy dating or you’re in a more traditional relationship. It’s inevitable that you and your sugar daddy (or future sugar daddy) are going to experience awkward moments while having sex, but the important thing is how you deal with them.

  • 6 Types Of Older Men You Can Date

    There are a set of qualities and characteristics that a woman looks in a man before she makes a move. And it can be vice versa. But not all men look for the same qualities. Their choices and interests might differ. While it is not hard to find a rich older man to date, finding the right one is difficult. If you start hunting for a rich older man or a sugar daddy, you might come across different types of rich older men with different characteristics, qualities and personality. Most of my friends are dating older men, and I often ask them about what it is to be in a relationship with a man who is much older to you. After talking to them about their relationship, I have compiled a list of most common types of older man you are likely to encounter as you try to find your perfect match!

  • Is Alec Baldwin’s Young Wife In Danger?

    Even after the recent birth of his daughter, 55-year-old Alec Baldwin still seems to be spreading more hate than love these days, thanks mostly in part to his young wife, Hilaria Thomas.

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