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Top 10 Insane Paintball Fields Around The World

While most paintball fields are boring collections of old shipping pallets, tyres and dead trees, some crazy field ops go the extra mile, check out top 10 insane themed paintball fields.

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1. Real Life Movie Props - Hollywood Sports, California, USA


With a full on MOUT training course, Cajun Terror, Mad Max, Korea, Lunar Wars and more, this place is insane. One of the most themed paintball fields in the world.

2. Crazy Scenario Fields - CPX Paintball, Chicago, USA

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Open since 2000, these guys have created a whole town of bedlam from scratch, build a ruined arena based on a warhammer 40,000 bunker, jungle fields and more

4. Paintball Theme Park - Hot Shots Paintball, Australia

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The aussies gave us Mad Max, crocodile hunter and bad accents, it looks like they've got some great fields too. Proper movie themed fields "Battleforce Pacific", "Fortunes Glory", "High Noon Hold Up", "Assassin in the Ruined City", "The Guantlet", "village water tower challenge", "Dr Evils Laser" and "Mission Impossiball" .. looks awesome

8. Paintball in an Abandoned Mental Asylum - Auckland, New Zealand

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These nutters literally took over an insane asylum that was abandoned for 20 years and locked op. Its one of New Zealand's most haunted buildings and is now host to themed paintball arenas like "The Killing House", "Lock Down Ward" and "Tyre Mania"

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