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    8 Horrendous Wastes Of Money You're Probably Still Spending On

    Another day, another dollar... wasted. Are you blowing your hard-earned cash on these eight items? (And we won't even mention your latte habit.)

    For the most part we all know what things we actually need and what we count as splurges. Still that doesn't always stop us from wasting money in really dumb ways. Here are eight examples that mostly equate to money down the drain:

    1. Overdraft fees

    At around $35 a pop, overdraft fees are just about the worst thing ever. Furthermore they can be triggered even if you're only a few cents shy and many banks will hit your with up to four of them in a day!

    Luckily there are ways to turn of "overdraft protection" so your purchases will just be declined instead of shelling out for these fees (just search your bank's website). You might also want to check out some of these apps which can help you to budget your money and keep on top of your balance

    2. In-app purchases

    Mobile gaming is a growing addiction that can cost you a fortune if you're not careful. Why are you paying to beat a level or buy an outfit for a digital character? At least buy something tangible with your money!

    3. Premium gasoline

    If your car doesn't require premium gas (check the user's manual), there's literally no benefit to buying it the pricier option. Just stick to unleaded and save yourself the $.20 a gallon — that can add up!

    4. Credit card interest

    There may be times when you're forced to use your credit card, but leaving a balance on it any longer than you absolutely have to is just a waste. Also, contrary to popular belief, maintaining a balance on your cards does nothing to help your credit so just pay them off.

    5. Shipping

    Buying items on Etsy or Amazon that aren't available anywhere else is one thing but paying for shipping on items you can pick up down the street is just lazy. Think about that before paying $3.99 to have something delivered to you and especially before you pay extra to get it faster.

    6. Music streaming subscriptions

    Do you have a Spotify account just to listen to albums you already own? Take the time to rip those old CDs to your computer/phone and save yourself the $10 a month. Additionally it's probably a better deal to just buy songs and albums on iTunes instead of paying to essentially rent them.

    7. Class rings

    It may be too late for some of you — say, what's that old ring up to these days? — but, if not, you'll probably want to avoid these expensive pieces of jewelry. Sure high school/college might seem like the most important thing in the world right now, but soon enough you'll wish you had that few hundred dollars back.

    8. The lottery

    Give it up — you're not going to win.

    So which of these do you need to kick? Let us know what you waste your money on in the comments below!

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