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    #BuzzFeedBeLike: 10 Hilarious Reactions To BuzzFeed's Article About Jamaican Food

    Real Jamaicans react to BuzzFeed's article about Jamaican Food.

    On the 17th of August, 2015, Buzzfeed staff member Lauren Paul published an article 27 Essential Jamaican Recipes You Need In Your Life. Jamaicans were outraged and expressed their disgust in hilarious ways using the hashtag '#BuzzFeedBeLike' on Twitter. They couldn't recognize most of the dishes Lauren mentioned. Their responses are below.

    1. Ackee

    2. Jamaican Porridge

    3. Breadfruit

    4. Yellow Man

    #BuzzFeedBeLike Jamaican Dancehall artist yellow man

    5. Jamaican Popcorn

    #BuzzFeedBeLike Jamaican Popcorn

    And it gets crazier...

    6. Jamaican Elephant

    7. Coconut Drops

    8. Jamaican Hot Dog

    #BuzzFeedBeLike Jamaican hot dog

    9. Jamaican Rundown

    And Finally...

    10. Blue Draws