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How The Leviathan "Ghost Box" Experiment Inspired The World

Last month, the principals of creative studio Leviathan decided to unveil their experimental proof-of-concept project entitled "Ghost Box," which they designed to demonstrate how almost any product of any size can be brought to life by projection with you as the director.Distributed to leading creative industry media outlets worldwide as a video with a short description, the hope was to ignite enthusiasm and excitement around the project and Leviathan's vision, artistry and craftsmanship. As shown in the demo video, Leviathan's first application for Ghost Box was an interactive art installation involving music from Waveplant, but they also revised it into a custom car configurator. The video concludes, "Such technologies could be used for anything from a storefront window to a large-scale event," and asks: "Now that we know it's possible, what do you want to build?" Here are some responses. Australian Creative: "Here's a product demo that creatives will actually love to work with." "Imagine anything, realized with 3D printing, projection, interaction, illusion. It seems there are extraordinary possibilities to build on the basic concept." Derivative (publisher of project-central Touchdesigner software): "A very fine achievement from Leviathan and music foundry Waveplant." Digital Arts Magazine: "The Ghost Box lets customers digitally customise physical objects in store." PSFK: "The Ghost Box allows customers to develop a relationship with a product where they feel like co-creators." This unique project and others from the studio are opening many exciting new doors. This week Leviathan will host the Women in Film Chicago 2014 Kick-Off Party, and its principals are also set to appear on stage at these upcoming events. 15-16 Feb.: Jason White presenting at FITC Tokyo 24-25 Feb.: Jason White presenting at FITC Amsterdam 8 Mar.: Chad Hutson presenting at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas 27-29 Apr.: Jason White presenting at FITC Toronto

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