What Money Is Like At Uni

You were great like Gatsby. For a couple of days, at least.

1. You arrive, loan hot in your account. Poor student? Whatever.

Responsibility? What responsibility?

2. Besides, it was a tough summer. You can indulge a little, right?

3. First expense? Your diet. SHOTS PLEASE.


4. More drinks, more dancing, more money gone. Repeat ad infinitum.

5. But it doesn’t matter, because you’re fabulous.

6. (Even if the morning after photos don’t tell the exact same story…)

7. Then somebody mentions they’ve been breaking their budget. And you’re thinking ‘wait- budget?!’

8. And you realise you’ve probably spent all your money. You keep shopping and pray the card doesn’t get declined.

9. You live in constant fear of how little you have. Check the bank balance? NOPE.

10. Then the ‘I’m so broke!’ conversations start. But one of your friends seems to be doing ok…

11. And you realise that for all their complaining, THEY’RE FUNDED BY THEIR PARENTS.

12. A few weeks pass. You try to save money and start work… by never, ever going out.

13. Weeks later, on one glorious day, a friend lets you know loans have come in.

Oh money, sweet, sweet money.

14. And you’re free to spend again!

15. Budget again? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH.

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