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How To Become Spider-Man: Find a Glowing Radioactive Spider

It's a glowing spider. I'm pretty sure it's not a radioactive spider. If it were, I'd already be an Amazing Spider-man instead of a guy with a terrible spider bite.

DustyTrice 8 years ago

Does Justin Timberlake Use Marijuana? “Absolutely.”

That’s right, Justin Timberlake, boy band ingénue, actor, and all around nice guy, told Playboy that he uses marijuana to, well, relax.

DustyTrice 8 years ago

Pitt Bull's New Pool!

Our pitbull, Zoey, has a brand new swimming pool to splash around in this Summer!

DustyTrice 8 years ago

Richard Nixon Plays Piano at the Grand Ole Opry

Who knew Richard Nixon was such an accomplished pianist?! He played everywhere from the Grand Ole Opry to The Jack Paar Show, even composing his on piano concertos!

DustyTrice 8 years ago

Epic Duck March

Get up close and personal with 38 ducks marching to a Copacabana beat. Even more impressive, this video was shot and edited using only an iPhone 4 and a homemade Lego camera mount!

DustyTrice 9 years ago

The Mysterious Albino Squirrel Of Dayton's Bluff

The rare and mysterious albino squirrel of Dayton's Bluff has up until now has been only a thing of legends! At last, we have captured him ALIVE on film!

DustyTrice 9 years ago

Michele Bachmann Hasn't Done A Damn Thing

An important message from Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, on why you should support Tarryl Clark and her campaign to unseat FOX News darling Michele Bachmann.

DustyTrice 9 years ago

Oh Hello, I'm A Woodpecker!

The woodpecker pops up, eats a seed and then fights a blackbird. He's a total badass.

DustyTrice 9 years ago

Vote Or The Crazy Racist Tea Party People Win!

You know all those crazy tea party people with their racist signs and their birth certificate conspiracy theories? Yup, they’re voting. And they hope you don’t.

DustyTrice 9 years ago

Vote YES On Prop 19 to Legalize Marijuana

VOTE YES ON PROP 19 to Legalize Marijuana! Prop 19 is on the ballot in California and aims to control marijuana the same way we control alcohol. Find out more!

DustyTrice 9 years ago

Michele Bachmann Patriotic Point And Wink

Michele Bachmann poses for pictures while her husband Marcus points and winks at someone. Naturally, I set it to music and it became FABULOUS!!!

DustyTrice 9 years ago

Sucker Kitty Can't Be Stopped

This is a video of my parent's cat, Storm, licking a sucker! Over and Over and OVER! Very happy kitty! Adorable and Funny! JOY!

UNAMERICANA 9 years ago