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Toddler And Cat BFFs Are The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

The inseparable Vivi and Boris were meant to be together

DustForFun • 5 years ago

Antoine Dodson Reappears To Chime In On Chick-Fil-A Debate

Them waffle fries is banging. You can run tell dat.

DustForFun • 7 years ago

Cold Dog is Also Extremely Clever

There, that's better.

DustForFun • 7 years ago

Man Details His 9-month Sexual Relationship With A Dolphin

No really, this guy wrote a book about his love and sex with a dolphin. In an interview he also claims that 15% of people have sex with animals.

DustForFun • 7 years ago

Photos from the 2011 Chicago Blizzard

My power was out this morning so I took the camera out and trekked through the lull in the blizzard this morning and took some photos of what 2 feet of snow looks like in Chicago.

DustForFun • 8 years ago

Best Hot Dog Commercial Ever

If the flavor of Zog's Dogs match his video production quality, these are the best hot dog's on the planet.

DustForFun • 8 years ago

When Did Golf Get So Gay?

Front page on shows golf's super-gay purple deep-V vests and golfers' dramatic expressions

DustForFun • 8 years ago

Dog Butt-Sniff Photo Bomb

Great timing and placement on this dog's photobomb of a picture of Nugget, a friend's half french bulldog, half boston terrior.

DustForFun • 8 years ago

The Best Animal Video Blog On the Internets!

Long story short, somehow my girlfriend coined the term "pooter" which is pretty much defined as "any animal except for worms, because worms are disgusting and totally uncute." As for the rest of the best animal videos, they end up here. (Except for those ones with the really annoying music.)

DustForFun • 9 years ago

4th of July Johnny Patriot Party

A photo-video of an epic 4th of July weekend in Maine

DustForFun • 9 years ago

Wedding Save the Date Video (Detroit, MI)

A Save the Date video that was sent out for Ashley and Jonathan's upcoming April 2010 wedding. Actually comprised entirely of photographs. Shows the best side of Detroit.

DustForFun • 9 years ago