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11 Ways To Cool Off Without A Pool

No pool? No problem. It's gonna be a hot one this summer, so be prepared, and grab a Dunkin' Coolatta so you can enjoy every minute of it!

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1. Start with the easiest and coolest (pun intended) pop-up fan fort to blow your heat troubles away.

Sheet + fan = instant air-conditioned oasis without lifting a finger.


It's like your dream of getting hit by 100 water balloons at one time finally coming true. Make your dream into a reality here.

3. Keep a stash of these easy frozen fruit kabobs in your freezer for your emergency cool-down moments.

mealmakeovermoms / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: mealmakeovermoms

Step one: Put fruit on a stick.

Step two: Put in the freezer.

(See, told you it was easy…)

5. Have an endless water "balloon" fight with your friends with these DIY sponge balls.

Oh, this means war! Grab a big bucket of ice water and throw a few of these around for a fun time on a scorching summer day.

6. Grab a few light blankets to create an outdoor nook that saves you from the sun.

It's like being outside… but inside… but outside… (You get it.)

7. Put your phone to good use by making it fan you off.


Doesn't waste data. Doesn't waste minutes. DOES provide a breeze to die for (and the opportunity to capture the perfect windblown hair selfie). Get one here.

11. Take a giant tarp and some dish soap to create the ultimate slip-and-slide.

Just like when you were a kid, except a thousand times better. Guaranteed.