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10 Things Only People Obsessed With Dunkin' Donuts Will Understand

It's a Dunkin' thing.

1. That a workout doesn't count if you don't reward yourself with some Dunks.

2. That the nearest Dunkin' location is essentially home...

I go to Dunks so often, my phone asked me if I'd like to save the location and if I care about travel time to said dunks #runsondunkin

3. ...and that Dunkin' employees are basically family.

4. Speaking of family, you care for your Dunkin' coffee like you would a precious child.

You know you love #dunkindonuts when you do the mom seatbelt with your arm across the bag holding your donut while driving. #mamasgotyou

Gotta keep baby safe!

5. And count your blessings that the people in your life totally get how important Dunks is.

6. That if there's no Dunks in the direction you're headed, you're not headed there anymore...

There is no #DunkinDonuts in my direction of travel. My life is in shambles


7. ...and that no major journey should be embarked upon without your daily Dunkin' to guide you.

8. That Dunks is a true necessity...

listen right here, the presidential candidate who can get dunkin donuts to minneapolis wins my vote bc ur girl is strugglin'

9. well as a solid fashion statement.

10. Finally, that it's only true love if Dunkin' is involved.

It's a lifestyle. Head to Dunkin' Donuts today!