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The Definitive Ranking Of Donuts

Number one is definitely controversial. But you don't get yummy donuts without cracking a few eggs.

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For science, we brought 19 types of donuts into the BuzzFeed office.

Then, for science, we ate all the donuts. For science.

We then tracked which donuts were the most in demand by having people choose their favorites, for science.

Then, for science, we ate all the donuts. These are our findings.

19. Vanilla Frosted

Despite the classic nature of this donut, it didn't wow the crowds. But wait 'til you see where vanilla with sprinkles ended up...

18. Bavarian Kreme

Oh, Bavarian kreme! So delicious and so overlooked. Who can resist the thick chocolate layer of your cousin, Boston kreme?

17. Jelly

Jelly is always there for you; how dare you treat jelly this way?

16. French Cruller

BuzzFeed, to be fair, might have been a little low-brow for cruller's elevated tastes.

15. Seasonal

This #1 Dad donut is here today and gone tomorrow — its traveling ways and mysterious nature are all part of its appeal.

14. Old Fashioned

The old fashioned may not have flash, but it has a storied history. Trends come and go — the old fashioned abides.

13. Sugared Raised

Sugar is sweet, but it can't live up to the excitement presented by frosting and sprinkles.

12. Glazed

This was a controversial pick. A lot of people argued that glazed isn't a first choice donut, but it is an "I'd eat it every day" donut. So people were offended that this experiment did not display glazed's true power and fan base.

11. Chocolate Frosted

A solid showing.

10. Blueberry Cobbler

This was a dark horse contestant. People entered asking, "What is that?" and left asking, "Where do I get some more?"

9. Maple Frosted

Maple is a divisive donut. You don't like maple. You either love it or hate it.

8. Strawberry Frosted

Something about the glow of pink frosting under fluorescent lights calls to the very essence of our nature.

7. Glazed Chocolate Cake

You can't hate on chocolate cake. There's no room for that.

6. Drizzled

It's got the best of both worlds! You can chill out, take it slow (vanilla) or rock out the show (chocolate).

5. Vanilla Frosted Sprinkles

Vanilla sprinkle is exhibit A in our new museum, The Power of Sprinkles.

4. Glazed Blueberry Cake

Because it is amazing and reminds you of home and you want to swim in it.

3. Boston Kreme

So rich, so delicious! And let's be real, the best things in life come out of Boston!

2. Chocolate Frosted Sprinkles

The simple elegance and playfulness of chocolate sprinkle can only be topped by one contender...


1. Strawberry Frosted Sprinkles

It is THE donut. When you think of the prototypical donut, it is frosted in a sheet of pink icing and sprinkled with rainbow tears from heaven. Congrats, Strawberry Frosted Sprinkles. You've done us proud.

All images by BuzzFeed.