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10 Apps Every Baseball Fan Needs

Non-fans need not apply. True fans can win mad money with the Beat The Streak App.

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1. At Bat / Via

What it does: Among many, many other things, you can access live game radio feeds, live look-ins, and pitch tracking.

Why you need it: You can get the lowdown on every aspect of your favorite team, wherever and whenever.

How much it costs: Free for basic features, $19.99 a year for the premium package

2. Dark Sky

Jackadam / Via

What it does: Tells you the weather, including when it's going to rain, down to the minute.

Why you need it: When you're going to a game, you need to know if "rain between 10 and 11" means an hour of downpour or three minutes of drizzle.

How much it costs: $3.99

4. GameChanger

GameChanger Media, Inc. / Via

What it does: Tracks stats for any baseball, basketball, or football team.

Why you need it: From middle school T-ball to the majors, you can follow the stats of your favorite team.

How much it costs: Free

6. Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze Inc. / Via

What it does: Helps users navigate traffic and automatically updates to avoid congestion.

Why you need it: No one wants to sit in traffic while the opening pitch is thrown. If you're heading to a game, you need to get there on TIME.

How much it costs: Free

7. Cycloramic

Egos Ventures / Via

What it does: Among other things, this app lets you post panoramic photos as Instagram videos.

Why you need it: If you're taking a gorgeous panorama, you want people to get appropriately jealous!

How much it costs: $1.99

10. iScore Baseball

Faster Than Monkeys / Via

What it does: Allows you to completely track a game's stats by yourself.

Why you need it: Remember how your grandfather used to track stats with a pad of paper? This is the same, hands-on experience, without the lead.

How much it costs: $9.99

BONUS: Beat the Streak / Via

What it does: It's a contest--you pick one or two players who you think will get a hit that day. If you can successfully predict a hitter for 57 days in a row, you win the grand prize.

Why you need it: The grand prize is $5.6 million, but you can win prizes for streaks as low as five.

How much it costs: Free

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