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12 Everyday Things We Wish We Could Be Rewarded For

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1. Only hitting the snooze button once.

Because not hitting it at all requires superhuman willpower.

2. Getting a hole in a favorite shirt and not wearing it that "one last time."

Blacqbook / Via Shutterstock

Because it's never actually the last time.

3. Taking the time to match socks instead of grabbing the first two in the drawer.

Because mismatching socks just starts a chain of disappointment.

4. Getting to work late, but before the boss gets there.

Because it doesn't count if you beat your boss in.

5. Packing a lunch that's on budget and on diet.

Because you were going to spend more money on something less delicious anyway.

6. Grabbing water from the vending machine instead of another soda.

Because you're an adult, and you make adult choices, dang it.

7. On second thought, not hitting "post" on that overshare status.

Emily Steele / BuzzFeed

Because backspace is your friend.

8. Managing to talk to your work crush without saying something stupid.

Because you're irresistible!

9. Staying at your desk for 10 minutes after your workday is over.

Michael Sloan Productions, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Four O'Clock" / Via

Because who's counting the seconds?

10. Only watching one episode of that reality TV marathon.

Because one is enough. Trust us.

11. Actually eating those leftovers instead of ordering in... again.

Because you'll just end up throwing them out otherwise!

12. Going to sleep when you're tired, instead of killing time on the internet.

ChloeBroomfiels1995 / / Via

Because otherwise it'll be 3 a.m. before you know it!

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