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CATFIGHT The Fetish With No Name

Vintage Sleaze the Blog on Women Fights. I don't understand it, but others do, as women wrestling is seemingly one of the more prevalent fetishes and it goes WAY back. Progenitor to strip joint mudfight nights, it presumably started with the missing link and seems to appeal still to those close to cro-magnum. Catfight is in the Oxford English Dictionary and it doesn't refer to felines. I don't know. Back in junior high, whenever someone yelled "CATFIGHT" we all came running, but then we did the same when someone yelled just plain "FIGHT" which meant a bully and lesser bully. Not my thing and I'm certainly not an expert, so my only guess is that some fellows like to see women stick their butts out and wiggle around. Well, I guess I have to admit to liking that. But would I ever answer an ad like these? Nope, but certainly plenty of fellows did, as there are no shortage of suppliers then (these all date to the early 1950s) and now. Irving Klaw was a millionaire before he had to dump his negatives in the Hudson River and skulk away in shame. Maybe guys like to imagine the fight is over THEM, and the fascination is rooted deep in our savage past. If so, I have obviously evolved out of it. I'm missing out on the action! I think I'd rather see my fake porn depict folks pretending to get along rather than fight. Seems to me if it were a real fetish, it would have a scientific name, and I can't find one. I'm no fan of reality television either, which has a couple of dames going at it every time I pass by the TV...I reckon those fights are fake too. You can trust most of the participants here drew no blood...they barely drew paychecks. Jim Linderman More images at Vintage Sleaze the Blog

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