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3 Credit Cards With Outrageous APRs

I have been looking around to replace my old credit cards that I got way back from when I was in college. I figured with my improved credit history I would have an excellent chance at being approved for one with great rewards. During my search I found three credit card offers with outrageous interest rates! I had to share these so others wouldn't fall prey to them.

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3. Ebay Extras MasterCard

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I must admit I am a bit of an ebay shopper. It's like the worlds biggest garage sale right at your fingertips. I can't tell you how many items I've won over the years, or how much I've saved by winning 2nd hand stuff that people are willing to put up on the auction for cheap. Since I still use ebay often I figured I'd check out their credit card and see if I could save some a little bit of money. When I was reading through Synchrony Bank's fine print I was shocked at the APR either 20.74% or 24.74%. Even if I am approved for the lower rate above 20% is a no go zone for me.

2. CarCareOne Credit Card

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My car is another thing on the list of things I want to upgrade. I currently drive a 2010 Dodge Caravan, it was my dad's and he gracious gave it to me when I moved out of state. With how much repairs can cost I looked at credit cards that offered vehicle repair financing, and I came across this horrid one, the CarCareOne credit card, which is issued by Synchrony Bank and has an interest rate of 29.99%.

1. Amazon Store Credit Card

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I'm surprised to see Amazon offer such a credit card. They have literally put many physical retailers out of business, but they want to offer a credit card that has the word store in it? Amazon already has a decent credit card with good rewards, I don't know why they want to tarnish their good name with the Store Card that comes with an outrageous interest rate of 26.74%.

You Have Been Warned!

Have you guessed what all of these cards have in common? I will give you a hint look back through the list and check which bank issues them. You guessed it Synchrony Bank! I think the bottom-line here is to avoid credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank! Let me know if I missed any other horrible credit cards in the comments section.

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