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    • DT33

      I think it’s kind of pathetic and alarming that so many people are up in arms about this while seemingly not giving a damn about way more important issues. Why is there no public outrage and media attention and protests over the fact that certain companies we buy clothing from are allowing their outsourced, underpaid workers to work in extremely dangerous conditions? 1,127 people just got crushed to death in a Bangladesh clothing factory a few weeks ago due to severely poor safety regulations and building maintenance. Where is the outrage over this? Where are the protests? They don’t happen to live within our borders, so no one here gives a damn. What the A&F CEO said was certainly rude, but he also has a legal right to market his product towards whichever demographic he wants. If you don’t like what he said, don’t shop there. It’s as simple as that. I just wish more people in this country would get their priorities straight and stop being so hypersensitive over an issue that’s rather petty in the grand scheme of things.

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