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    22 Things That Every Slow Runner Knows To Be True

    Six minutes or 16 minutes — a mile is still a mile.

    1. We can actually smell the roses — and celebrate other magical moments that speedsters might not even notice.

    Gregor Fischer / AFP / Getty Images

    2. We are able to have lively conversations and spirited debates during our runs.

    Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

    3. We avoid the long porta-potty lines at the beginning of a race because we don’t mind stopping later to pee.

    4. We get a runner’s high too — and have more time to enjoy it!

    5. We meet lots of new folks along the way and make lifelong friends.

    4 Deserts / Onni Cao / Via

    6. Slow runners might live longer.

    WSPA 7News / Via

    7. We love encouragement, especially from the faster runners!

    Cpl. Scott Schmidt [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons / Via

    8. We can run with our dogs. Or even our cats.

    Rob LEVER / AFP / Getty Images

    9. And there’s no pup we won’t stop to pet along the way.

    @rossramireez / Via

    10. No one can doubt our commitment: We experience the same challenges and work hard to meet our goals.

    Paramount Pictures / Getty Images

    11. First and last place run the same distance.

    Jeff Haynes / AFP / Getty Images

    12. We have lots of time for self-reflection.

    Rob Stothard / Getty Images

    13. We’re not racing to win — we’re racing to finish.

    Sharmila Venkatasubban / BuzzFeed

    14. ...and that finisher's medal tastes as sweet as gold!

    @lailaxlatifatul / Via Instagram: @lailaxlatifatul

    15. “Slow” is a state of mind...

    Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images

    Yep, that's Alicia Keys smiling on her way to a 5:58 finish at the 2015 New York City Marathon!

    16. ...and we're thrilled when people call us runners instead of joggers.

    ING / Via

    17. We get to check out a lot of fine asses.

    Zozzzzo / Getty Images

    18. More than one parent with a jogging stroller (or double stroller!) has passed us by, and all we can do is marvel at their agility.

    19. We appreciate the spectators and runners who stick around after they've finished to cheer us on to the finish line.

    Wilfredo Lee / AP

    20. We inspire others who might not otherwise believe they can run too.

    Pius Utomi Ekpei / AFP / Getty Images

    21. For slow runners, it really is about the journey, not the destination…

    Tom Dulat / Getty Images / Via Flickr: bigbabyhead

    22. ...but when we cross the finish line, we are just as proud of ourselves as the first-place winner.

    Nicolas Asfouri / AFP / Getty Images

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