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This Fitness Trend Is A Hit With People Who Love Exercise And The Environment

Here’s a health trend we can get behind: exercise that also leads to a cleaner environment and community.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 8 months ago

“Dateline” Headlined CrimeCon And The Fans Went Wild. Here’s Why.

Cultural icon Keith Morrison and his three cohorts — CrimeCon “mayor” Josh Mankiewicz, bulldog reporter Dennis Murphy, and the fearless Andrea Canning — sat down with BuzzFeed just before they took the stage to talk about their journey to celebrity and the criminal investigations that made them famous.

Drusilla Moorhouse • One year ago

BuzzFeed's Style Guidelines For Writing About Mental Health

The words you use can end stigma instead of perpetuating it.

Drusilla Moorhouse • One year ago
Drusilla Moorhouse • 2 years ago

Everything You Wanted To Know About "Dateline" But Were Afraid To Ask

Led by master of the macabre Keith Morrison, Dateline has been entertaining armchair detectives for decades — paving the way for massively popular true crime shows like Making a Murderer, The Keepers, and Serial.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 2 years ago

How Damn Good Are Your "Twin Peaks" Opinions?

How do you take your coffee: black as midnight on a moonless night...or with a fish in the percolator?

Drusilla Moorhouse • 2 years ago

Are You Better At Grammar Than President Trump?

Who has a better command of the English language: you or the commander in chief? (All answers follow Merriam-Webster, the AP Stylebook, and the BuzzFeed Style Guide.)

Drusilla Moorhouse • 2 years ago

The Life Of Our 41st President, George Herbert Walker Bush, In Photos

The 41st president of the United States was a member of a central American political dynasty that also sent his eldest son to the Oval Office. He died on Friday, Nov. 30, at 94.

Laura Geiser • 9 months ago

11 TV Shows We Stopped Watching This Year

Sometimes, it's not so hard to say goodbye.

Jaimie Etkin • 2 years ago

22 Things That Every Slow Runner Knows To Be True

Six minutes or 16 minutes — a mile is still a mile.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 2 years ago

17 Things Everyone Should Know About Epilepsy

Don’t you dare put that spoon in my mouth.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 3 years ago

This Quiz Will Reveal How Well You Can Spell Celebrities' Names

Don't worry: Quvenzhané Wallis isn't one of them.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 3 years ago

My Best Friend Saved Me When I Attempted Suicide, But I Didn't Save Her

I was serious about killing myself. My best friend wasn’t — but she’s the one who's dead.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 3 years ago
Drusilla Moorhouse • 3 years ago
Sarah Willson • 3 years ago

19 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In New Mexico

"Christmas" is the way we order our food.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 3 years ago

Can You Guess These Animals By Their Butts?

All asses great and small.

Drusilla Moorhouse • 4 years ago