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  • Punish Or Reward Your Car Owning Friends With The Armor All Viking Facebook App

    Introducing the Armor All Viking. Like a repo man, he travels the world rescuing neglected vehicles from undeserving owners. Believe us, you don’t want to see this man coming. The new facebook app at http://bit.ly/VikingFacebookApp combines google maps and Facebook profile photos to create a video that sends the Armor All Viking to a friend’s house to reward them for taking good care of their car - or teach them a lesson if they don’t. A car is a privilege. Respect it.

  • Why Are We Afraid Of The Dark?

    OnlineClock.net did research on the subject of Fear of Darkness. How many people suffer from this fear? Are there any reasons that make such a fear justified? What can people who suffer from this fear do to get help? This is a motion infographic containing valuable insights into this subject.

  • New Jaguar F-TYPE - Fast

    Capture a glimpse of the performance, responsiveness and power of the new Jaguar F-TYPE. The all-new aluminium two-seater sports car will make its global debut in production form at the Paris Motor Show on 27th September 2012. More than half-a-million separate F-TYPE design analyses were carried out comprising 10-million CPU hours of processing, creating more than 300TB of data. Had that same amount of initial design analysis been completed on physical cars, the number of prototype F-TYPEs built would have filled the majority of the UK’s motorway network bumper-to-bumper. F-TYPE.com

  • New Jaguar F-TYPE To Be Unveiled Soon

    Announced at the New York Motor show, and over fifty years since the launch of its predecessor, the iconic E-TYPE; the stunning two-seater F-TYPE sports car will be the newest addition to Jaguar’s model range. Utilising Jaguar’s industry-leading knowledge of all-aluminium construction, the F-TYPE will launch as a convertible, and a strict two-seater with the focus uncompromisingly on delivering driver reward. A range of supercharged petrol engines will be available (V6 and V8) – and all will deliver stunning sports car performance. Jaguar’s Design Director, Ian Callum, explores the design, performance and agility of the F-TYPE Those interested in the car can register their interest at www.f-type.com, like Jaguar on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Jaguar, follow on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/Jaguar and join the conversation with the hashtag #FTYPE

  • First Ever Double Loop-The-Loop On Four Wheels

    The Top Gear Live Stunt Team has set a new world record by becoming the first to complete a spectacular double loop-the-loop on four wheels!! The ground-breaking feat — dubbed Deadly 720 — was the amazing finale to the first of four Top Gear Festival shows staged in front of a sell-out 15,000+ live audience at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa (June 16-17). #Deadly720 is the biggest, boldest and most technically challenging stunt ever performed by the record breaking Top Gear Live Stunt Team http://www.topgear.com/uk/

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