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The 7 Funniest Homeland Tweets - Season 3, Episode 6

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is not a thing. Here are the 7 funniest tweets according to the #Homeland feed while the show aired.

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1. Reason why Brody has been M.I.A. during most of the season.

Rumor: the guy who plays Brody on #Homeland was pregnant for most of the filming of Season 3.

— Beard Robinson (@BeardRobinson) November 4, 2013

2. “Are you sometimes called 'The Bear'?”

Saul looks like an old Paddington bear when he wears that hat #Homeland

— Patrice Greenawalt (@patsgreenawalt) November 4, 2013

3. When we all found out that Carrie was pregnant... apparently with this guy's baby.

It's mine.#Homeland

— Dave Johnson (@IndoorsDave) November 4, 2013

4. Chris who?

Seriously...they could replace Chris with a houseplant and no one would notice. #Homeland

— Broey Deschanel (@DdotRock) November 4, 2013

5. Poor Chris is given no respect, Laugh Out Loud worthy tweet nonetheless.

Carrie's pregnancy test drawer has more zip than Chris Brody. #Homeland

— Go Juggle Some Balls (@GoHugYourself) November 4, 2013

6. People wanted Dana gone, but were upset that Jessica let her daughter leave. Good riddance, Dana.

#Homeland ask not why Jess let Dana leave. Just be grateful

— Carol White (@polowhite) November 4, 2013

7. Carrie off meds > Carrie on meds.

Both Carrie & I are going to need our meds after this episode of #Homeland. Thanks @SHO_Homeland

— Mikey Morfin (@mikeymorfin) November 4, 2013

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