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Uzo Aduba's Red Carpet Game Is "Crazy" Beautiful

You know Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren of Orange Is the New Black. Now meet Uzo Aduba, the beautiful Nigerian-American actress with style that cannot be contained.

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You may be used to seeing Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren in her signature prison khakis and Bantu knots.

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Crazy Eyes, whom we learned more about in Season 2 of the hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, is a beautiful person with a gentle spirit. But, my friends, there is more to learn here.

Clearly Uzo is an actress playing a character — a character with a specific look that is nothing like Uzo IRL. So can we just give credit where credit is due?


Can we all just unite to acknowledge a beautiful glamazon when we see one, please? Thank you.


And this ENTIRE photo shoot for Refinery 29. Consider the game BODIED, bitches.

So, we hung out with @OITNB's @UzoAduba yesterday...and it was WILD:


So, we hung out with @OITNB's @UzoAduba yesterday...and it was WILD:

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The LBD is classic. But here, Uzo takes it to another level.


Toned arms and tummy, RADIANT skin, to-die-for smoky eye, AND an elegant crop top. Uzo, you win. You are killing the game, and everyone else who came to play should just go home.

Do you need more proof? Do you need more physical evidence that Uzo Aduba knows what the hell she is doing out here?

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Nude makeup; sultry hair in the eye; bold, geometric-patterned dress. Listen, the girl is good.

No. Words. Needed.