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Posted on Nov 3, 2015

9 Sweet Stories Of Roommates Who Became Best Friends

"There is a Nikki Giovanni poem that reminds me of her: I will never miss you because of what we do / but what we are together."

Andrew Richard / Via BuzzFeed

1. Beatrice and Chantell, Florida A&M University

Chantell Black

Beatrice (left) and I met in Phase 3 apartments at Florida A&M University. Two girls from New York being in the same room in a Florida college miles from home — it was meant to be! We drove together back up north every summer and Christmas break. Been homies since fall '06. Still today we call each other "roomie." One of the bestest friends I gained!

—Submitted by Chantell Black

2. Lauron and Tiearra, Coppin State University

Lauron Thomas
Lauron Thomas

I went to Coppin State U in Baltimore. My first roommate when I got to college...well, we fell out then off over the years, but the roomie I loved the most was Tiearra Lewis. We met my sophomore (her freshman year) when she was moved into our suite. I knew I could trust her when she came to me and showed me texts that my then-bf was sending her about coming over to his place; he didn't know she was my suitemate, so that kinda fired back on him lol. She told me she wanted to be honest because she was enjoying our then few-weeks old friendship and didn't want anything to get in the way of that. That was in 2009. After that year, we became roommates. We had dance parties all the time in our room. We danced together, drank together, partied together, studied together, caf'ed together (yes, it's now a verb), went to probates together, practiced our Kappa shimmy (for the "So You Think You Can Shimmy" contest that we were both too shy to ever enter), and went to various other HBCU homecomings together.

I was one year ahead of her, so when I graduated and she still had one more year, we lived together too. So all the above still went on, we just added watching Scandal and Catfish together to the list. Brunches, kickbacks at the house, game nights, etc. She even helped me with my big chop in 2012. And coincidentally, she just tweeted this about me last week: "@_LoKnows knows my heart and we were put on this earth to be the best of friends/roommates."

I love her!

—Submitted by Lauron Thomas

3. Ieesha and Brittany, Florida A&M University

Courtesy Ieesha Abdur-Rahman

I (Ieesha Abdur-Rahman) met my freshman-year roommate (Brittany Washington) fall 2010. We weren't originally set to be roommates, and I found out I had a new roommate on the move-in day. I got to our room first and set up my stuff before leaving out with family to do some more shopping. When I came back, Brittany and her mom were there. She told me that she thought I had a bad memory because I had this dry erase calendar board on my wall. I thought she was cool but had waaaaaayyyyy too much energy (she's more of an extrovert and I'm moreso an introvert).

We just clicked, and became inseparable. We partied together, cried together, laughed together, etc. We both have strong personalities so of course we bumped heads occasionally, but we'd be back to cackling idiots within minutes. We were roommates up until fall 2013, which was my last semester at FAMU. I needed a short-term lease and since she didn't have a car she didn't want to move far from campus.

Nevertheless, we still talk and catch up now that I'm back home in Chicago (she's from Florida). Brittany is more like a sister than anything to me. We've met each other's families and we've helped each other overcome heartbreak, family deaths, etc. I really don't think my experience at FAMU would've been the same if we weren't roommates!

—Submitted by Ieesha Abdur-Rahman

4. DaVida and Chanda, Southern University Baton Rouge

DaVida Chanel
DaVida Chanel

I met Chanda Riddick-Yamoah as a freshman in college. Our stories vary, as I recall her being a shy girl seeking friends, while she recalls the same regarding me, lol. We went on to have an EPIC friendship spanning our four years at Southern University Baton Rouge through right now! She's my first college roommate, my friend, my sorority sister, and my ace. I have been blessed to be in her wedding and watch her family grow and evolve. I am very grateful our friendship has lasted throughout the years and can't wait to continue growing old knowing this lady. :)

—Submitted by DaVida Chanel

5. Patrice, Brett, Eboni, Samantha, Keishae, Melissa; Florida A&M University

Patrice Donelson

Freshman year, Samantha and I were roommates and instantaneously hit things off. Keishae lived right down the hall from us in McGuinn Hall, and she and Samantha had the same hometown in common, Jacksonville, Florida (aka Duuuuuuvaaaalll). Right down the hall from her was Melissa, who happened to be the first person I met at FAMU. I introduced the other two to Mel and the rest was history!

It wasn't until it was time for us to be grown and get our own apartments sophomore year that we met Eboni and Brett. Eboni, Keishae, Brett, and I were apartment roomies, while Samantha, Melissa, and our friend Amber had an apartment around the block in the same complex (College Club). Those years were AMAZING. We threw the best parties, became the best of friends, laughed, cried, pledged, loved and so much more. Can't picture my life without these ladies!!

—Submitted by Patrice Donelson

6. Trevon and Corey, Clark Atlanta University

Clark Atlanta University forever changed my life! Over 12 years ago I started as a freshman entering band camp…and we all know band camp at an HBCU is intense! The summer before, I received my housing info from the school and spoke with my assigned roommate, Corey, on the phone, so I knew that we would be in this together. We both were in the band AND ironically, we were both Davis's. Trevon and Corey Davis! Many folks thought we were brothers or some type of family, and it proved that years later…we would be!

I can personally attest that Corey has really opened my mind and heart by continuing to be himself no matter what, which allowed me to have that same love and respect for myself! Currently, I am in L.A. and he is in NYC. We have remained best friends for all of these 12 years along with a strong network of eight friends we call the 211–104 connection (from on-campus apartments we all lived in together). We have supported one another from our teenage years…now growing with one another into our dirty thirties! And we are loving it! Through ups and downs, disagreements, band, pledging, life decisions, and beyond, Corey Davis and myself, Trevon Davis, thank Clark Atlanta University for pairing us as roommates — and best friends for life.

—Submitted by Trevon Davis

7. Denniece, Bianca, Chantel, Xavier, Brittany, Tenay, Patricia, Keeta, Breon, Jessica; Savannah State University

Denniece Butts

My friends and I (lovingly known as the “Deuces”) met in August 2006, our freshman year at Savannah State University, and we are still close to this day. We met because of our living quarters, the Freshman Living and Learning Center, which was shortened to the FLLC (pronounced “Flick”) because black people love to nickname stuff. We called ourselves the Deuces because we all lived on the second floor and at the time, and we thought it was cool.

We go so far back that the stories of how we met vary and get all mixed up when we try to recount them. We’ve seen each other through all of life’s ups and downs, from graduations, to funerals, to breakups, to weddings, and everything in between. I love each one of these women to death, and I am not sure who or where I would be without them.

—Submitted by Denniece Butts

8. Amber and Daricia, Clark Atlanta University

Courtesy Amber Dorsey
Courtesy Amber Dorsey

I went to CAU back in 1997 when you received your roommate assignment via mail with no photo or details other than their name, address, and phone number.

I got lucky in that the girl I was paired with was actually dating a friend from Jack&Jill so I sort of knew of her ahead of time. It was weird living with a virtual stranger at first, but like most freshmen we insta-bonded and became inseparable. We liked each other so much we somehow finagled living together again our sophomore year. We then moved off campus and continued living together even with our significant others for the next two years. We disagreed and had tiny spats but we never had a major fight and we had a routine to how we lived. It just worked.

She got married, and I had a baby and moved from Atlanta back to California. She's the godmother to my oldest and was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant. She also played a HUGE role in getting me back together with my husband (and college sweetheart) and was maid of honor at our wedding.

We make it a point to speak on the phone no less than once a month and keep in constant contact via text. Luckily my job has brought me back East so we've stepped up our kick-it sessions. I truly think she is magical and can't imagine how my life would have turned out had I not had her by my side these last 18 years. She is one of the most amazing, smart, and honest people I know, and we've gone so far as to plan out our "golden years" together. I just know it's going to be amazing because that's what we are together.

—Submitted by Amber Dorsey, BuzzFeed Staff

9. Driadonna and Kamaria, Florida A&M University

Driadonna Roland
Driadonna Roland

I thought I had a room to myself freshman year. One day, I heard a key in the door. I jumped up and looked at the person coming in dragging a suitcase with her like she was crazy! "Oh, they didn't tell you I was moving in?" she said. I was so mad I just walked out!

That was back in fall 2004, and while my attitude isn't much better, Kamaria is a loving and forgiving person, and we became friends. We lived together again in an off-campus apartment our junior year, where we survived a falling out, where she held me as I cried over an ex, and where she woke up hella early to drive me to campus in the mornings because I didn't have a car. The picture on the left is us in a cave in the Dominican Republic; next month we're headed to Belize! (Although I know she will hate both of these pictures, lol.)

We don't live in the same state, and I don't call as much as I should, but Kamaria is a steadfast and true friend who always makes times to support me when I need her. I'm so glad her first roommate was crazy and she got reassigned to my room, over 10 years ago!

—Submitted by the author, Driadonna Roland

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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