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19 Things You Should Never Say To Someone From Detroit

Yes, we all live on 8 Mile. How'd you know?

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16. "I went there once."

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Usually followed by a story about how they didn't actually go there, but the plane landed "at the Detroit airport" and then they went to visit one of their "buddies" in a suburb somewhere.


18. "Oh yeah, I'm never going back there."

There's over 700,000 people still there (some by choice, some with nowhere else to go), trying to work, go to school, raise families, and make a decent living despite our current conditions. We're a tough, resilient bunch who are about action, not talk. And we don't run from our problems. So you can stay gone!

19. "So uh, Detroit... You think it's gonna get any better?"

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Imagine you are looking at the remains of your house, which was just destroyed in a tornado/hurricane/wildfire, and someone says, "Boy, that's tough. ... You think things are gonna get any better?" Wouldn't you want to punch them in the throat?

And the answer to this, by the way, is yes.