17 Times Mary J. Blige Felt All The Feels So You Wouldn't Have To

    She just KNOWS.

    The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul continues to evolve.

    1. But make no mistake: Mary still knows you better than you know yourself.

    2. When she was like, It's you and me, bae, FTW. — "All I Need," Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige, 1995

    3. When she realized she was totally underappreciated but wasn't going to cry about it. —"Not Gon' Cry," 1996

    4. When she faced heartbreak head-on and couldn't help but cry it out. —"I'm Goin' Down," 1994

    5. When she walked up in the party like, This is cool, but watch me turn this bitch up. —"Family Affair," 2001

    6. When she realized she needed to get rid of toxic people. —"No More Drama," 2001

    7. When there was this guy she liked who was in a relationship, but Mary knew she could be a better GF. —"I Can Love You," 1997

    8. When she understood she'd never be happy if she didn't love herself first. —"Be Happy," 1993

    9. When she knew he was a bad boy, but she dated him anyway. —"Mr. Wrong" feat. Drake, 2011

    10. When she had no time for negative vibes. —"Just Fine," 2009

    11. When she was like, I work hard, a lil drink ain't gon hurt nobody.

    12. When she made peace with the fact that everyone won't accept her for who she really is. —"Deep Inside," 1998

    13. When she was so damn happy she couldn't even find the words. —"All That I Can Say," 1999

    14. This time she was clearly just feelin' herself.

    15. When she was like, Do you, Boo, 'cause I'm doing me. —"Can't Knock the Hustle," Jay Z feat. Mary J. Blige, 1996

    16. When all she was searchin' for was a real love. —"Real Love," 1992

    17. When she finally found a relationship worth holding on to. —"Be Without You," 2005

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