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29 Undeniable Reasons The Doctor And Clara Are In Love

Series 7 Spoilers! Sure, he might be married to River, but she's also dead. I can't be the only person who noticed an awful lot of romantic tension. We know Eleven is touchy, but this stuff is just blatant. Whouffle or Clara x Eleven ftw!

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29. He was into it

28. Typical "fall on top of each other" scene

27. "I don't know why I'm crying"

26. I never know why, I only know who

25. "Are you guarding me?"

24. "It is not a snog box!"

23. He adores her

Can you blame him?

22. First date?

21. She's awfully concerned about not being a replacement

20. Those eyes

19. Saved the world...

18. Chemistry

17. Really? The ONLY?

16. D'awwww

15. Oops!

14. Love hurts

13. I don't usually grab my friend's cheeks

12. More hugs

11. "Do you feel safe?"

Of course.

10. Kisses!

9. Trust is an essential component to love

8. The Cyberplanner IS inside his head...

7. Where's your mind at, Doctor?

6. Perfect

5. Hmm...

4. Why does she care so much?

3. After hearing that River is an ex

2. My Impossible Girl

1. "My Clara"

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