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12 Shar-Peis That Make Getting Old And Wrinkly Look Super Chill

Put away that anti-aging cream, folks! Cause these Shar-Peis are turning their folds into fashion.

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1. You can sleep anywhere you want because you're old and wrinkly and who's going to tell you otherwise?

2. If food gets stuck to your face it's totally chill cause you're old and wrinkly and you've earned that right.

3. You'll be in good company, cause you and all your best buds can be wrinkly together.

4. People will trust your judgement cause you're wrinkly and that means you and your skin have seen some sh*t.

5. Your wrinkles will make you look fantastically distinguished and regal.

6. Chances are you'll be retired so you'll have more time to wear funny hats and live life, just you and your wrinkles.

7. You'll have more time to bask in the wondrous glow of all your life's experiences.

8. Younger generations will look up to you because you lived your life like a boss and didn't let anyone stop you.

9. They'll want to go on long walks with you and listen to all your stories of overcoming odds and becoming the badass you are today.

10. You'll get to grow old and wrinkly with your bae.

11. And you'll just be adorable all the time.

12. Like really, really adorable. All the time.

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