10 Journalista Problems

The number of female journalists is on the rise. So are our struggles.

1. People failing to return your multiple calls requesting an interview, then later demanding to know why you didn’t write about them


2. Your gal pals from J-school asking if you can get them jobs at your newspaper


3. Being asked to take your shoes off for an interview at a yoga studio, alternative school, etc. when you’re between pedicures

4. Everyone and their mother somehow figuring out your personal cellphone number and getting treated to your unprofessional voicemail greeting


5. Having to avoid bars in your coverage area because you can’t risk any of your readers seeing you in your drunken element


6. Not being allowed to use Instagram for photojournalism purposes


7. Thinking for a split second that you forgot to file a story


8. Not getting to pimp your ride with this bumper sticker because you have to seem like an unbiased reporter


9. “You’re so pretty. Why aren’t you in broadcast?”


10. Forgoing dating, exercising, eating and peeing until you’ve finally put this issue of the paper to bed


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