Cosplayers As Pugs. You’re Welcome.

Now I’m not saying cosplayers have dog-faces…

1. Klingon

The wrinkled forehead of a Klingon and wrinkled face of a pug must look pretty majestic flapping in the wind at Comic Con.

2. Tron Pug

Jeff Bridges looking his best in years!

3. Jack Skellingpug

Well it looks like Hot Topic has released a line of costumes for pets!

4. Quail Man Pug

This is from an alternate universe where the show Doug was spelled ‘Dog’

5. Wolverine

He had to be declawed because he was tearing up the furniture.

6. Game Of Bones

Eddard Bark is bummed because he knows that whichever dog pees on the iron throne next, owns it.

7. Pugzero & Scorpiug

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