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Paging Mr. Herman ...

Ah, if only this came out after Big Adventure instead of Big Top Pee-wee. Casey Weldon's "P.W. Herman" can be purchased for $900 here.

Dreidel Hustler 8 years ago

Millennium Falcon Potato Chip

Redditor tanasarnt says: "I'm sitting in my cube at work snacking on a bag of Kettle Brand Buffalo Bleu potato chips. I'm about to bring one to my mouth but stopped cold ... as if some outside force (forgive me) was blocking me."

Dreidel Hustler 8 years ago

Pac-Man Highway

The Italian outfit NotWorkingFilms has re-imagined our yellow pellet-chomping friend as a tweaked-out roadster chasing ghosts and cherries along the highway.

Dreidel Hustler 8 years ago

Solo Artist

Now you know what scruffy looking nerf-herders do in their spare time.

Dreidel Hustler 8 years ago