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This unique Middle Eastern art takes a lot of practice, determination and committment. My fellow dancers should recognize a few of these things...

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1. You often find sequins, beads and coins attached to random articles of clothing and underneath furniture

2. You own a hip scarf in every colour known to man

3. You can never seem to own too many costumes



4. You feel a huge sense of guilt when your teacher asks you the name of a rhythm that you cannot identify

5. Something about a taqsim makes you feel incredibly, undeniably sexy

6. The sound of a drum solo excites you

7. You have a special box/bag filled with accessories strictly for dance performances

8. !!!!!!

9. You laugh when people say, "Can you move like Shakira?"


10. You've grown to find the accordion a very sexy, alluring sound

11. You can say basic Arabic words and phrases


12. You've been to so many haflas you have lost count

13. After attending so many haflas, you can clap and howl louder than any of your friends

14. You understand the importance of having a little meat on your bones.

Your curves are your favorite asset..

Your curves are your favorite asset..

15. You know who this is...

16. Your shimmy can start an earthquake or erupt a volcano.

17. You reserve an entire afternoon for getting your hair, nails, and toes done before a performance.

18. You go through at LEAST two red lipsticks in a year.

19. Everyone loves when you bring snacks to rehearsal

20. Your dance troupe feels like a sisterhood

21. Your dance instructor is the only person that can touch you without permission

22. When you follow your teacher as she dances, you get distracted by how good she is

23. You know what a gala, hafla, and intensive are.

24. Sometimes improvisation scares you

25. You have print outs of the Arabic lyrics and the corresponding English phonetics

26. You budget yourself monthly to pay for lessons

27. The studio and gigs are the only places people can howl at you

28. You have a Bhuz account


30. You know better than anyone: There is no such thing as too much eye makeup

31. You agree with most or all of the points on this list, and will totally share this with your dance girls :)

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