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    9 Thoughts Every First-Time Dog Owner Has (Ranked By How Ridiculous They Sound 6 Months In)

    Regardless, you wouldn't trade him for the world.

    9. Then: "Having a dog will give me an excuse to get out and exercise!"

    Now: "Let's build a fence so he can run around the yard and I can watch from my chair."

    8. Then: "We're gonna go to the beach every weekend!"


    Now: "Oh, so by 'dog-friendly' you mean he's allowed here in the dead of winter before sunrise?"

    7. Then: "I can handle taking him out during the cold months."


    Now: "OMG it's 20 degrees. Just pick a spot and GO already!"

    6. Then: "I won't mind getting up a little early to let him out. It'll give me an excuse to get a jump on the day!"

    Now: "It's your turn."

    5. Then: "I won't need to crate my dog. I'm sure he'll be a perfect angel when he's left home alone."

    Now: "He loves his crate!"

    4. Then: "I'm going to train my dog so well, he won't even need a leash."


    Now: "About that fence..."

    3. Then: "My dog is going to know his boundaries."

    Now: "So yeah, we're still working on the whole 'boundaries' thing, so in the meantime, you might want to push your food to the middle of the table and crowd your whole body around it... just to be safe."

    2. Then: "We're not going to give him people food."


    Now: "How can you say no to that face? Here's a nice piece of filet mignon."

    1. Then: "This will be easy. It's like a cat that you have to take outside every once and a while."

    Now: "And by cat I meant Tasmanian devil."