Where’s The Farthest North You’ve Ever Been?

The North Pole is for winners.

1. Assuming a standard map arrangement, where is the farthest north you’ve ever been?

Australia, you will always be south in my heart.

2. Robert Peary went all the way to the North Pole.

He also had an excellent mustache.

3. Maybe you’ve been to Svalbard, Norway.

Looks like a nice place to visit… during the summer.

4. Or maybe Iceland is more your style.

5. You could have been on this flight to Barrow, Alaska.

Home of the Whalers.

6. Maybe you drove to Inuvik in Canada.

Fun Fact: You can drive there year-round on the Dempster Highway, and you can get further north in the winter on the ice roads.

7. Hey, maybe you used to live in Murmansk, Russia.

8. Or, if you were lucky enough as a youngster, maybe a certain train took you as far north as possible.

If only…

9. Of course, you need not have experienced the Northern Lights to qualify.

Or the midnight sun, for that matter. But you probably should get a taste of both, at least once in your life.

10. Did you know you can visit the North Pole and never even leave New York?

11. Let us know how far North you’ve traveled.

Northampton, North Carolina? Sounds pretty far north to me!

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