What Is Your Preferred Dipping Sauce?

One of life’s most dire questions.

1. All right, so let’s say you’re at your favorite eating establishment.

2. And you’re bombarded with sauce options.

3. Of course, everyone has their favorite dipping sauce.

giphy.com / Via CBS / Happy Madison Productions

Not sure how well that compliments chicken nuggets, but to each his own.

4. You can’t go wrong with ketchup.

5. But BBQ sauce compliments everything pretty well.

6. Or maybe you’re a Ranch dressing lover.

7. Mayonnaise could be another option.

Particularly for you Belgians out there.

8. Or perhaps your heart belongs to something more proprietary.

Chick-fil-a sauce, Horsey Sauce, Border Sauce… take your pick.

9. Some good, old-fashioned honey has been historically popular.

10. And even cocktail sauce has some fans.

Hey, it’s not just for shrimp anymore.

11. So which sauce is your go-to sauce?

Gracie Films / Via giphy.com

12. Let us know in the comments, and keep on dippin’.

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