The World’s Cutest Pregnancy Test Is A Beagle Named Elvis

He’s 97% accurate if you are a polar bear.

1. Meet Elvis

Orlin Wagner / AP / Via

Elvis is a two-year-old beagle who lives in Kansas City. He is also the world’s foremost polar bear pregnancy test.

2. When a zoo thinks its female polar bear is pregnant, the zoo keepers wait for the polar bear to poop

They probably don’t have to wait long…

3. They collect the poop and then send it to Elvis

Hopefully it doesn’t come back with Return to Sender written upon it.

4. Elvis gets on this box and sniffs around until he finds pregnant poop

He then stops, barks and gets a treat.

5. If Elvis finds what he’s looking for, 8 months later we have a new friend to visit at the zoo!

Hi there little buddy!

6. Thanks for sniffing poop, Elvis!

You are much more than just a hound dog.

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