The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Your High School Reunion

It’s homecoming season, which means you might be obliged to talk to your old high school classmates again.

1. A while ago, you opened your mailbox, and there was this invitation

2. It’s time for your 5, 10 or 15… year reunion

Has it been that long?

3. First, you are so down to go

Yeah!! Let’s party like its 1999!

4. But then you find out that it costs money

Do I really want to do this?

5. What about my old friends? Are they going?

Get thyself to Facebook. What is the chatter?

6. That’s when it hits you

7. Well, maybe you could reconnect with your old flame

Strike up a conversation like, “I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I love what you have been doing the last few years on Facebook.”

8. But you end up rationalizing it in the name of “Networking”

9. Alright, let’s do this and see what happens

10. And worse case scenario…

11. You forget about it and, all of a sudden, your reunion is this weekend

12. You now have anxieties about everything

I need a style consultation.

13. What do I say when they ask what I am up to now?

Or, worse, I am one of the unemployed ones.

14. Do I have a +1?

15. How do I make my entrance?


16. How late do I have to be until I am fashionably late?


Seriously, is there a rule on this?

17. Okay, it’s time to go

Let’s do this!

18. You arrive and immediately…

19. The only people here were never your friends

20. But wait, some more people are arriving… and that looks like one of your friends!


21. And just when things look like the might get fun…


Well, I’m getting a drink.

22. Then you see him/her across the room: that girl/boy you were/still are obsessed with


23. You tell yourself you are going to strike up a conversation

24. But you know you will be all like

Yeah, you know, awkward

25. Time for some liquid courage!

26. Turns out he/she is married/engaged/in a relationship


27. You resort to questioning the whole thing

Oh yeah, I only came because I wanted to see who shows up to these things.

28. This leads you to the one person there like you


29. You hang around for fifteen minutes to see if anything interesting happens

30. You finally give up, you and your new friend go to a different bar

31. And you live happily ever after

Or something like that

32. And the next time that invitation comes…

33. Because you know that obviously…

No, I don’t want to donate to the alumni association. Talk to me when I have money.

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