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Pittsburgh Pirates Player Will Walk Up To The Plate This Season To "Let It Go"

The Bucs' backup catcher is a man after your hearts, Frozen fans.

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You, of course, know of the Academy Award winning song "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.

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Performed by Idina Menzel... or was it Adele Dazeem?

Well, you should know about the Pittsburgh Pirates' backup catcher Tony Sanchez.

Because Sanchez is planning to march up to his at-bats this season to "Let It Go."

And besides being a pretty spectacular young baseball player...

Who makes pretty epic catches on occasion like this...

He's also a pretty dapper dude.

But, should "Let It Go" not be your main jam, he's put out two other options.

Nelly's "E.I."

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And Mariah Carey's "Fantasy"

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Here's to you, Tony!

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Let's be done with winter and get back to baseball.

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