Outlet Shopping Is An Emotional Roller Coaster

In theory, this is the best shopping experience ever.

1. So You’re Sitting Around Not Knowing What To Do

2. You Check Your Mail

What is this from J. Crew?

3. It’s a Coupon for the Outlet Good for Only Two Days

This is what you signed up for the mailing list for!

4. Do I Need New Clothes? Not Enough Time To Decide

5. I Have to Go NOW!

6. You Call All Your Friends

“I’m Going to the Outlets… Are You In or Out?”

7. You Load Up Your Car and Go

8. You Drive

9. You Drive Some More

Seriously, why are these places so far out?

10. The Anticipation is KILLING ME

11. But Then You See It

Also: That sign is huge!

12. Time to Find a Parking Spot

13. 30 Minutes Later…


14. Time to get SHOPPING

15. First Store You See: This Weekend Only - 80% Off!

16. You Go In, But Soon Realize the Big Sale Is Limited to Things Nobody Wants

Damnit, Bass why do you toy with my emotions?!

17. You Buy a Few Things and Start Feeling Like a Shopping Champion

18. Soon You are Hungry from Walking, Shopping and Driving

19. Time for the Food Court


20. Okay, Break is Over. Time to get BACK TO SHOPPING

21. You Buy A Few More Things

22. You Are Finding Some Good Deals

23. Ah! The Store I Have a Coupon For!

24. “I’m Sorry. The Coupon Doesn’t Apply to the Product that You Want to Buy”

25. Undeterred, and Against Your Own Best Judgement, You Buy The Item Anyways

26. Once Outside, It Hits You

You Came Here Because of THAT COUPON

27. But You Recover Quickly

There’s still a lot of ground to cover after all!

28. Then You Start to Lose Some Steam

29. You Begin to Lie to Yourself and Keep Going

30. But It’s Been a Long Day

31. You Make the Decision to Visit Just One More Store

32. It’s Then When You See It. That Perfect Thing You Always Wanted — And It’s on The Clearance Rack

33. You Check and It’s Not In The Right Size for You

34. Moving On, You Walk Away Triumphant of Your Day Outlet Shopping

35. You Drive Away Like a Boss

I saved so much money by spending all this money!

36. You Finally Get Back Home and…

37. You Check Your Email, Just to See if Anything Important is There

38. And There’s an Email With a Coupon for an Outlet Store

39. You Profess to Be Over It

40. But You Secretly Want to Go Again Tomorrow

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