Mistah F.A.B.’s "Ghost Ride It" Remains The Best Music Video Of All Time

The relatively obscure 2006 Hyphy classic has a music video that you should see.

1. This music video has everything…

2. Marionettes

3. An elaborately decorated marquee

4. The Ghostbusters Car

At least a car designed to look like the Ghostbusters car

5. Bowties, Goggles and Hard hats

6. A Megaphone

7. An Asian Tourist

8. A Skateboard Being Ghost Ridden

9. A Platter of Gold Jewelry

10. A Tricked-Out School Bus

11. With This Scene Found Inside

12. A Step-By-Step Guide to Ghost Riding

With visual aids and an extendable pointer.

13. The San Jose Giants Mascot

Hey there, Gigante

14. Mistah F.A.B.’s Name Reflected on His Own Stunner Shades

15. Watch it for yourself, and allow your life to be changed forever.

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